Blue Carbon Summer School 2023

The Station Marine de Wimereux (University of Lille), Marine@UGent, the 3i University Network and the EPIBOOST consortium are pleased to announce the next edition of the Blue Science & Technology Summer Training edition 2023. We offer an intensive programme which will provide participants a strong foundation to further develop a career in the Blue Economy and life sciences.

Blue Science & Technology Summer Training edition 2023 is a three-weeks advance training comprised of two sessions :

  • SESSION 1 : Blue Carbon Summer School 2023 of the duration of one week, held in Wimereux, France, from 26th to 30th of June 2023
  • SESSION 2 : Blue Science and Technology Summer Training of two weeks held in Ghent/Ostend, Belgium, from 3rd to 14th of July 2023

Graduate students, postdoctoral and junior scientists coming from all around the world may participate and register to each session individually (one week in Wimereux or the two consecutive weeks in Ghent/Ostend), or to both (three weeks in Wimereux & Ghent/Ostend).

This Webpage is dedicated to the Blue Carbon Summer School 2023 held in Wimereux (26-30 June 2023).

Please also see the webpage dedicated to the partner Blue Science and Technology Summer Training 2023 held in Ghent/Ostend (3-14 July 2023).

Our oceans cover 70% of Earth’s surface and drives global system that make the Earth habitable for humankind. Our rainwater, drinking water, weather, climate, coastlines, much of our food, and even the oxygen in the air we breathe, are all ultimately provided and regulated by the sea. This marine space will become even more important as more and more nations look towards the ocean to meet our needs. All over the world, pressures on the environment are drastically increasing, and careful management of this essential global resource is a key feature of a sustainable future, where the interests between environmental, industry and human health are intrinsically linked.
Tomorrow’s generation of marine scientists and engineers, high level technicians, and other trainees will need to be able to work in a multi-disciplinary fashion. Knowledge is required beyond the complex scientific and technical issues, but requires employees to cut across scientific, environmental, economic and social disciplines.

This Summer School introduces key components that build a strong foundation for a sustainable use and preservation of marine resources. Study the smart solutions and risk assessments for marine challenges with us and you will widen your skills and build your grasp on one of the most significant areas of innovation, research and development in the modern world.

Global Summer School Aims (Wimereux and Ghent/Ostend sessions) :

Upon successful completion of the Blue Science & Technology Summer Training edition 2023, you will :

  • Acquire an advanced scientific problem-solving capacity, design multidisciplinary approaches and collect, analyse and interpret data
  • Gain hands-on experience in the field to measure environmental Carbon Budgets through up-to-date scientific methods
  • Be able to communicate with peers, with various stakeholders in blue economy field, and with a general public concerning scientific concepts and research
  • Obtain insight into business opportunity development and the commercial realities faced by industry, through guest lectures from blue economy entrepreneurs and on-site visits
  • Learn additional soft skills important for your career the importance of public engagement with science
  • Be competent to further develop a network in an international and multidisciplinary context and apply this in an integrated problem-solving nature
  • Understand the role of government in supporting and regulating science and blue economic activities for environmental and human health

Target Group :

Participants from diverse backgrounds will be admitted. If you are passionate about exploring the challenging role the oceans and seas will have in our future society and you are excited about marine and maritime sciences, coastal management and development. Then this course if for you !